Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Beginning

A couple years ago, as we rode our bikes down one of Minnesota's beautiful bike trails, I told my husband how I'd like to record our many biking adventures and the pictures we take  and compile it in a book. He said , "why not do a blog?" I said "can you put pictures on it?"(don't laugh) He laughed and said "yes".  Since then I've been thinking about starting  my blog but it wasn't until a few months ago I felt I had the time to actually do it .
Ok so now I needed to learn how to do a blog and what it really was, I figured the best way to learn was to visit blogs....lots of them. It totally blew me away. There is an entire blog world I didn't know about much great stuff. It distracted me from starting my blog (soooo much to enjoy), that and the technical stuff . With the help and patience of my loved ones that surround me and the desire to share with others, as they have with me in the blogging world , I am now doing my first post!!

Last weekend my dear grandson left his doll with me hoping I'd sew a soccer uniform for it, (Charlie is a great soccer player!) I did it and had alot of fun doing it. We found a soccer uniform at Goodwill perfect for the job!

I positioned the shirt front over the team emblem.

Shirt & Shorts pieces cut out of the soccer uniform ready to sew. I managed to get the Nike emblem on the arm piece and great stripes for the shorts

How cute is this!!!I was so excited about how the soccer uniform came out I decided to do a karate out fit to match Charlie's Karate clothes.

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