Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Is it Spring Yet?

My fingers are itching to get the garden growing. Enough of brown and gray. It has been so warm this March that if your mind hasn't gone to things growing green... are you sure you're alive?  This year I am determined to grow everything from seed, just to see if I can do it, but it also saves a bunch of money IF you do it right.

 I used newspaper roll ups and  toilet paper rolls for the biodegradable pots, some trays I've found at the thrift store to catch water, since they must be started in the house. The seeds I bought at Walmart 20cents a pack, not a lot of seeds in each pack but enough so there isn't any wasted.  I also liked the design on the pack!

The grass was planted for the first day of spring, a New Year! It is organic rye grass,  bought 3 years ago at the farmers market and keep in the fridge using a little every March. This year I grew it in a shard of a  garden pot I loved but broke last summer, giving it a second life.

In just a few days the grass appears, and a few more days (with the warm weather here it was only a day later) you need to cut it back to about a inch to thicken the grass. Trim daily or every other to keep it the length you want. Or let it grow natural.

I let this one just grow natural...I think it looks like a hedgehog!

The vegetable and herbs are starting to show...I planted the flowers last so they are still hiding.

 Oh I love the smell of soil!!

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