Saturday, March 17, 2012


My grand kids stayed with us over the weekend while Mom & Dad had a mini vacation. We had tons of fun and did a project that I’ve been itching to do for a while. As soon as you begin to feel there will indeed be an end to winter your mind naturally turns to nature, green and things growing. And since everything is still gray and dead outside you must create it inside. This is what we did on a rather cold afternoon in March over the kitchen table.
Several weeks ago , in anticipation of doing this project I sat down with some clay and began to mold little miniatures. This is very therapeutic if you like to work with your hands, easy to do with this air dry clay by Crayola( fyi be sure to seal it with a varnish , or it will absorb the moisture in the terrarium and go to mush. I am still experimenting with what product is best to use….and would love to hear your suggestions.) There is something so magical about taking a lump of clay and shaping it into something!


We painted the dried miniatures  with water color and temper paint. 

Collected glass containers from the thrift store. Look for containers with large enough openings for them to fit their hands through...I was working with kids 7 and under , it was frustrating for them if they couldn't get their hands in the container. One of the vases was too small to get a hand in so we use this glass bowl instead, not exactly a terrarium but close enough. It will require more watering.

We visited Bachmans for the miniature plants , which are actually bigger then you think (use big containers for better results. I took one miniature plant and divided it into many  to make it small enough for our terrariums.) The pebbles,charcoal and soil I had in my garden supplies, I also had miniature plastic animals and a fairy found on visits to antique and thrift stores. Oh and SAND, this was a big hit...don't forget the sand. You could also have a beach theme with shell and collected stones. There are so many different environments you can create with terrariums. Just think about a spot you have visited or would like to visit and you can create that in miniature in a terrarium!

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  1. We love the terrariums! PS you will be happy to know that they're still alive.


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