Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A New Photograper in the Family

28-70 lens, Minolta Maxxum 7000i film camera.

Son number 3 has joined the family group of photographers. I was fascinated to see his entry into the group. With pen and paper Adeeb first listened too then drilled Homayoon  about the camera he gave him, a vintage Minolta Maxxum. After what seemed several hours of note taking and examining the camera , he rewrote his notes and asked more questions, then later that evening I heard him relaying everything he learned to a friend also taking up photography. What a great way to learn!. I think his diligence's shows in his first role of film including the photo above he took of somethings I'm  working on (more on this work in later post)

Downtown Mpls

a great composition

Son number 1 Riaz , also a photographer ,is working on a photo project which I've had a small part in and can't wait to blog about . Stay tuned!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fridge Magnets

These were so entertaining to make. I decided to try a few testing it out for a project for my kids art class. Once I started I couldn't stop I wanted to make more and more!  First , I sieved through the magazines looking for the perfect image with the nugget of glass as my spotter, just like a miner searching for the diamond in his sieve.

Second I cut and glued the imagine to the glass nugget , then left it to dry. Next I glued  ( I used a clear sealant for this) the magnet on at the bottom ,leaving it to dry.

Finally I polished it up with some glass cleaner and marveled at the magnified images arranging them on my tin tray , my beautiful gems.

I made them for a fundraiser....a good excuse to have fun making something....hope they all sell so I need to make more!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Folding Paper

Folding paper as a design aid, how interesting!

My Mom is a master weaver, who continues to grow her skill in design and weaving. She is preparing for a design class and has been given folding paper as prep homework. After reading my Map Crazy post she asked if I'd any ideas on the subject. I have to say I had to think about it for a while, I couldn't quite see how folded paper could help with design for a tapestry until I added color to it in my mind.  Then I got excited ...water color on folded paper would enhance the folds and allow you to see the design. I had such fun playing with it. Perhaps it will inspire you in what ever it is you are doing.

 This one is my favorite, I crumbled the paper rather then fold it. Although it would not be easy to weave, it makes a nice watercolor!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Lovely Visit


Sunday we went to Winona to celebrate a dear friend's 88th birthday.  We had a lovely time, and made some new friends Catherine and Gary. They invited us to their home to see their garden which truly is a labor of love. I am hoping I'll have the opportunity to see it in summer in full bloom!

Gary also shared with us his wood carving. He collects wood pieces, mostly drift wood, one which he mailed back home from a visit to California, and begins looking to see what the piece wants to be. It was so interesting as he talked about his pieces we got a peak into his creative process. He is not in a hurry and had some pieces that he has been working on for 30 years! Letting the wood tell him what it is going to be and then setting out to do it as best as he can.
 God's sculpture

 This piece was my favorite, it depicts the birth of the birds, birds raising from the earth.

 Homayoon took the photos this weekend, I love this one because not only is the carving lovely but Catherine's hands are so beautifully expressive as well.

 Gary is behind the mask, A little scary but wildly creative.

Wonderful people sharing their world with you is really the best gift you can get, our personal world is the one thing only we have and no ones else can possess it, so sharing it is true generosity.  Thank you Catherine and Gary

Monday, April 9, 2012

Picnic Baskets

I confess, I am a basket  lover. A year ago we found this basket in an antique shop up north... fell in love with it and it became my knitting basket.  After 6 months of using the basket I became frustrated and knew my search for the perfect knitting basket was not over.  It had everything a basket needed, nice size , lid to close when I wasn't working on something and handles to move it around, but it had one flaw...it wasn't stack able, unless it was always at the top of the heap. When space is limited stackablity is vital!

3 picnic baskets, I'm set for summer and any size picnic!!!!

I couldn't believe when I found the picnic baskets in two sizes, (for different size projects,) I thought I was set. However the day after I posted our vintage finds last week I found another small basket! It was the perfect size for small projects like this commissioned slouchy hat! Now I have 3. What do you think, have I finally found the baskets of my dreams?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Seeing Owls

I'm loving owls. It started with the family of 3( in front) which I found antiquing for things I could use in the terrariums. I love their big wide eyes. The clay owl vase came next, so retro. 
I found this tapestry kit at the thrift store. I've never done needle point tapestry but I couldn't resist this. I think I may have it finished by next winter(hehe) and I plan to make it into a pillow for the couch!

Other recent vintage finds

I've filled these picnic baskets with Yarn. Love the cupboard, it has wheels! I think I'll use it for a painting table next to the easel.

sweet honey pot!