Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fridge Magnets

These were so entertaining to make. I decided to try a few testing it out for a project for my kids art class. Once I started I couldn't stop I wanted to make more and more!  First , I sieved through the magazines looking for the perfect image with the nugget of glass as my spotter, just like a miner searching for the diamond in his sieve.

Second I cut and glued the imagine to the glass nugget , then left it to dry. Next I glued  ( I used a clear sealant for this) the magnet on at the bottom ,leaving it to dry.

Finally I polished it up with some glass cleaner and marveled at the magnified images arranging them on my tin tray , my beautiful gems.

I made them for a fundraiser....a good excuse to have fun making something....hope they all sell so I need to make more!!

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