Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Lovely Visit


Sunday we went to Winona to celebrate a dear friend's 88th birthday.  We had a lovely time, and made some new friends Catherine and Gary. They invited us to their home to see their garden which truly is a labor of love. I am hoping I'll have the opportunity to see it in summer in full bloom!

Gary also shared with us his wood carving. He collects wood pieces, mostly drift wood, one which he mailed back home from a visit to California, and begins looking to see what the piece wants to be. It was so interesting as he talked about his pieces we got a peak into his creative process. He is not in a hurry and had some pieces that he has been working on for 30 years! Letting the wood tell him what it is going to be and then setting out to do it as best as he can.
 God's sculpture

 This piece was my favorite, it depicts the birth of the birds, birds raising from the earth.

 Homayoon took the photos this weekend, I love this one because not only is the carving lovely but Catherine's hands are so beautifully expressive as well.

 Gary is behind the mask, A little scary but wildly creative.

Wonderful people sharing their world with you is really the best gift you can get, our personal world is the one thing only we have and no ones else can possess it, so sharing it is true generosity.  Thank you Catherine and Gary

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  1. Isn't it a wonderland! You will have to visit the garden in the summer and do another post! The carvings make a person think differently about "seeing" wood.


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