Monday, April 9, 2012

Picnic Baskets

I confess, I am a basket  lover. A year ago we found this basket in an antique shop up north... fell in love with it and it became my knitting basket.  After 6 months of using the basket I became frustrated and knew my search for the perfect knitting basket was not over.  It had everything a basket needed, nice size , lid to close when I wasn't working on something and handles to move it around, but it had one wasn't stack able, unless it was always at the top of the heap. When space is limited stackablity is vital!

3 picnic baskets, I'm set for summer and any size picnic!!!!

I couldn't believe when I found the picnic baskets in two sizes, (for different size projects,) I thought I was set. However the day after I posted our vintage finds last week I found another small basket! It was the perfect size for small projects like this commissioned slouchy hat! Now I have 3. What do you think, have I finally found the baskets of my dreams?

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