Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! On Memorial Day we took our first bike ride of the season,  we rode down Victory Memorial Drive  and said  a prayer at the end for all those souls who had given up their lives for what they believed.  We then went on to the Grand Round through Thedore Wirth Park and Golf course (very pretty) and Cedar Lake. It was a wonderful ride!
I also knitted 3 washcloths from the basket full of fun. I love the feel of knitting the thin rug wool. I know cotton would be a softer washcloth , but these will be great for exfoliating :-)
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Art A Whirl

It was a GREAT weekend for Art Lovers. The largest open studio tour with over 400 artists took place and I got to go!!!! We have been going for 3-4 years now and each year I am amazed that this treasure exist right here in NE Minneapolis. Every year their are more people attending and more artist as they convert more old buildings to artist studios. Most of the studios are in landmark buildings worth visiting for themselves.
We only made it to 3 of the buildings this year ( I think it might be impossible to see all the studio's in one weekend.)
Friday night we hit The Northrup King Building , built 1971.

It seems like there were hundreds of studios there , some had many artists to a studio, each studio a work of art in it's own right. Next year I will take my camera to photo the studios as well as the art ,if I can remember. I have a tendency to forget such practical things  as a camera when I'm about to indulge in the pleasure of viewing art!
So much incredible work, it was difficult to choose a few to put in this post.  Angela Kallsen  was a great inspiration for me with her en caustic paintings, so beautiful and fascinating. To me good art is something that either has a strong statement or is something you enjoy looking at and never try of looking at. I could look at Angela's work everyday forever.

I limited myself  this year to painters and print makers studio's due to lack of time. It allowed me to linger longer at the work I enjoyed the most like  Megan Moore's  simple yet powerful images.

Saturday was spent at the Free Arts table at the National Watercolor Society show and sale Art on a Line 
which is a separate event from the Art A Whirl. Another annual treasure for art lovers, with many artists showing and selling their work ( very reasonably priced, if you like giving handmade cards and art as gifts  this is the place to be) along with numerous demonstrations over the weekend. Really I wanted to attend them all, what an education...why are these two events on the same weekend?

I bought this lovely watercolor signed L. Hoppe.

Sunday, despite the rain, we made it to the Casket Art building ( built 1887 ) and the Carriage Building (built 1904) . If you love old buildings you have to see these!

While you are there you must stop at the Ink Orchard studio, Artist Kendra Baillie has a way with Ink and color. Her work is delightfully displayed not only in print but also on lamps, bags and cards. . I will guarantee you will not leave with out  a purchase!

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If you missed the weekend a lot of the Artists have an open studio day during the month, just check the NEMAA website

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

As Promised

As promised I am posting some pictures of my Mom's House. She has decorated it beautifully,  and has the most peaceful atmosphere. You can see from this picture there is a lot of light and the plants are very happy.

My favorite thing in her home is of course her weaving's. It is my dream to catalog her work and publish a book on it so that others can enjoy there beauty. With that in mind I am only giving you a seek peak here, the weaving hanging on the wall in the above photo is one of my favorites.....I love the color but even more I love the visual of the rhythm of Africa, where she and my Dad lived for many years.

Here is one of her latest tapestries, "The Storm" , which like a storm stirs up emotion of awe and anticipation. I don't know about you but storms relax me...for a moment I feel the world stops it busy pace to witness the storm at the same time we fear what it might do. This weaving captured it beautifully and looks so at home above the fireplace.

Some work in progress on one of her many looms.

The Artist, Rosalee at work!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Basket Full of Fun!

Ok, I'm trying (not too hard....life has been coming at me full speed) to figure out how to protect my photo's online so I can share some things here. Actually that isn't true, I haven't tried yet to figure it out...I just need to. All in good time, for now I have been taking care of things and doing a little of this and a little of that...I'm expecting it to all come together soon:)

While at my Mom's home she gave me a mix of yarns she no longer is using and asked if I might be able to use it. Funny enough one of the yarns was a 'sugar and cream' cotton. The name caught my eye because just days earlier I saw a pattern for a dish clothe using that yarn and thought I would like to have some (back to eco friendly clothe towels , so I don't have to throw away). Here is the pattern, super easy, and quick.

There is a lot of beautiful wool and cotton yarn in that basket so I'm thinking I may do a series of wash clothes. And or maybe try my hand at natural dyes this summer. Dye first, then knit ? I listened to this interview about a Minnesota fiber artists and it got me thinking "wouldn't it be fun to......I have lots of Chamomile growing in the garden...a lovely yellow wash clothe?"

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In The Country

I found myself in the beautiful countryside of Wisconsin. What brought me was my Dads sudden visit to the hospital. I came to see him and my Mom and to help in anyway I could. I'm  happy to say my Dad is better, although specialist are still trying to figure it out. I spent a week with them and soaked up as much of their company and the bucolic atmosphere as I could, so much so that I forgot to take my  camera outside with me, sorry. I do have some pictures of inside their home coming soon !

 The last day there I could not resist taking some of the woods back to the city with me. It now lives in my terrarium (may it live a long life) .

 This one is a bit of an experiment, the idea is to have plants growing from the top( yet to be determined) and moss growing out of the bottom of the planter. Do you think it will work? Any suggestions? The rock in the middle is mostly iron, common in my Mom and Dads woods.
 I love sticking my nose over the moss and taking a deep breath of that country air!