Wednesday, May 23, 2012

As Promised

As promised I am posting some pictures of my Mom's House. She has decorated it beautifully,  and has the most peaceful atmosphere. You can see from this picture there is a lot of light and the plants are very happy.

My favorite thing in her home is of course her weaving's. It is my dream to catalog her work and publish a book on it so that others can enjoy there beauty. With that in mind I am only giving you a seek peak here, the weaving hanging on the wall in the above photo is one of my favorites.....I love the color but even more I love the visual of the rhythm of Africa, where she and my Dad lived for many years.

Here is one of her latest tapestries, "The Storm" , which like a storm stirs up emotion of awe and anticipation. I don't know about you but storms relax me...for a moment I feel the world stops it busy pace to witness the storm at the same time we fear what it might do. This weaving captured it beautifully and looks so at home above the fireplace.

Some work in progress on one of her many looms.

The Artist, Rosalee at work!

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  1. Love these photos of the house and Mom weaving! I think the idea of a book is wonderful!


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