Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Basket Full of Fun!

Ok, I'm trying (not too hard....life has been coming at me full speed) to figure out how to protect my photo's online so I can share some things here. Actually that isn't true, I haven't tried yet to figure it out...I just need to. All in good time, for now I have been taking care of things and doing a little of this and a little of that...I'm expecting it to all come together soon:)

While at my Mom's home she gave me a mix of yarns she no longer is using and asked if I might be able to use it. Funny enough one of the yarns was a 'sugar and cream' cotton. The name caught my eye because just days earlier I saw a pattern for a dish clothe using that yarn and thought I would like to have some (back to eco friendly clothe towels , so I don't have to throw away). Here is the pattern, super easy, and quick.

There is a lot of beautiful wool and cotton yarn in that basket so I'm thinking I may do a series of wash clothes. And or maybe try my hand at natural dyes this summer. Dye first, then knit ? I listened to this interview about a Minnesota fiber artists and it got me thinking "wouldn't it be fun to......I have lots of Chamomile growing in the garden...a lovely yellow wash clothe?"

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