Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In The Country

I found myself in the beautiful countryside of Wisconsin. What brought me was my Dads sudden visit to the hospital. I came to see him and my Mom and to help in anyway I could. I'm  happy to say my Dad is better, although specialist are still trying to figure it out. I spent a week with them and soaked up as much of their company and the bucolic atmosphere as I could, so much so that I forgot to take my  camera outside with me, sorry. I do have some pictures of inside their home coming soon !

 The last day there I could not resist taking some of the woods back to the city with me. It now lives in my terrarium (may it live a long life) .

 This one is a bit of an experiment, the idea is to have plants growing from the top( yet to be determined) and moss growing out of the bottom of the planter. Do you think it will work? Any suggestions? The rock in the middle is mostly iron, common in my Mom and Dads woods.
 I love sticking my nose over the moss and taking a deep breath of that country air!

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