Saturday, June 16, 2012

Free Arts, Printmaking!

The highlight of my week was a volunteer appreciation night for Free Arts mentors at the High Point  printmaking studio. First there was a touching letter from a youth who, while going through a very trying time found comfort and relief through the free arts program.... yeah that is what it is all about!
Second there was lots of prizes given away, fun! Did I mention wonderful food, a generous spread.
And last we got to make mono prints using High Points wonderful facility!

It was great fun, no time to think to hard about what to create....with about 40 people there, we had to work quickly so everyone could make a couple prints. It reminded me of the kindergarteners that I mentor weekly, they are  so excited to create, they work at a very fast pace, no over thinking:) 

 It was especially fun for me since Adeeb , who mentors with me on the free arts days, came too. I got to see him in action and was very impressed.
I totally fell in love with printmaking, from making the design to watching the finished print come off the press! So thrilling it takes your breath away.

Adeeb's print was stunning!

Adeeb suggested I do a ghost print of my template and the moment it came off the press I got excited to put pen and brush to it to create a mixed media piece.....OH the possibilities!

ghost print, can't wait to embellish!

Once again Thank You to the Free Arts Staff.... you make mentoring even more rewarding then it already is, which is a lot!

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