Friday, June 29, 2012

One Thing Leads To Another

The creative process is an organic process it starts with a need or desire an grows as you start to create. Most of the time I do that growing in my mind but I have learned that it happens easily  if you just start doing. Something about getting into motion. A recent example...I was flipping through my magazines, clipping images for fridge magnets and needed a place to put them until I could make the magnets...a box. I went into my studio and searched for something to make a box and found these watercolours I did for another project. They were done on newsprint and would make a great box, but they were kinda flimsy so I put a layer of Hodge Podge on them. It made it stronger and also gave it a glossy gem look....hmmm wouldn't they look pretty under glass? Let me paint some for fridge magnets!


Well I had a blast, and it was hard to stop.

 They look like candies, I want to eat one! I feel like they should be put  into a glass jar  .Hmmmmm...I feel and idea coming on...stay tune.

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