Friday, July 27, 2012



Sitting down with the old Chinese book and a pencil I started drawing without any goal but to enjoy.  It is interesting that ovals and circles came out, it is such a contrast to the square, block quality of the Chinese words. Linking the ovals was very engaging  I lost total track of time (love that when that happens,soooo relaxing). Several weeks later the doodles were found in a pile of drawings and I just had an urge to add color. I think they look like jewelry, do you?

Bangles II
More Bangles
Above the 'bangles' is a painting of my granddaughter Lua I did several years ago

Bangles II close up
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Luce Line

This weekends bike ride was from Maple Plain to Watertown on the Luce Line trail. It was a small section (20 miles there and back) of this 63 mile trail. The limestone covered trail runs along lakes covered with Water Lillie Pads and Marsh lands full of Cattails. The air was humid inviting you to breathe deep and the only sounds were produced by nature Awwwwwwwww!
Coffee shop in Watertown...I loved the sign, not so much the coffee. Great chocolate ice cream though!
I love the design on these leaves.
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pomegranate Tea and Coffee

Several months ago I found this Old Chinese book and thought it would make a great back ground for making art. I started with experimenting with tea and coffee stains, then let each piece develop to see what it would become. Picking it up every now and then when it moved me, working on it till I felt it was done. The plastic frames I bought at a garage sale 10 cents a piece, I thought they would come in handy as quick frames  that could be changed up easily at a whim. From left to right 'Space', 'Bittersweet', 'Captured Heart' and 'Harvest Moon'.
pomegranate Tea (makes the page smell good too), water color, ink, and beeswax

coffee, vintage place mat ,ink, graphite, cotton, magazine image

pomegranate tea, bush tea

walnut ink, watercolors, graphite, photo image

Land of Oz

 Minnesota and Wisconsin have the most beautiful country bike trails, but this summer we are staying close to home. Discovering the many bike trails around the Twin Cities. Last weekend it was  the West Parkway starting by the Broadway bridge to just short of Minnehaha Falls which runs along the Mississppi river through the edge of downtown Minneapolis. From our starting point it looks like our destination is the Emerald City.
The trail is a gentle down hill , which of course mean a gentle uphill climb coming back. With road bikes no problem, but it is more of a challenge with our cross trail bikes designed for country limestone trails. Not complaining, just saying:)
If you are a photographer this trail is a paradise for city and architectural shots, I am posting some of my shots here taken with my quick draw digital (canon power shot), I can actually bike and shoot at the same time! I hope you will enjoy.

A nice park along the trail with a logging theme
A sand  barge on  Mississippi with University of MN campus on top of the hill
A shot of the bike trail which runs along the east bank of the Mississippi
The Weisman Art Museum at the U of MN
What a juxtaposition of new and old, The Guthrie Theater next to some of the oldest buildings in Mpls. Gold Medal Flour mill
The Scaffolding to Heaven

Storm Drain to Hell
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wayzata to St. Bonifacious

 The first weekend in July we took a short bike ride from Wayzata to St. Bonifacius. It was a pleasant ride through a beautiful Suburban area.  There were lakes on every side of us, which were seen mostly as glimpses between  the yards of some very big beautiful houses with gorgeous gardens. Occasionally we crossed over the lakes or in that area you could call them boat highways. For a short jaunt just before St Bonifacius you could almost imagine being out in the rural countryside. St Bonifacius is a cute town with many antique shops(that were closed on a Saturday?) and a very cute Library.

One of many stop signs on the trail which goes right through the residential area crossing many driveways and looking over the parklike  front& backyards of the Wayzata community
the boat highway...continuous traffic...hmmmm
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