Friday, July 27, 2012



Sitting down with the old Chinese book and a pencil I started drawing without any goal but to enjoy.  It is interesting that ovals and circles came out, it is such a contrast to the square, block quality of the Chinese words. Linking the ovals was very engaging  I lost total track of time (love that when that happens,soooo relaxing). Several weeks later the doodles were found in a pile of drawings and I just had an urge to add color. I think they look like jewelry, do you?

Bangles II
More Bangles
Above the 'bangles' is a painting of my granddaughter Lua I did several years ago

Bangles II close up
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  1. I've never seen that painting! Cool idea, would make a great fabric print.

  2. Wow Cathy! I never knew you hid such talent within you! I love the rings and the painting of Lua is amazing! Well done!

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