Sunday, July 15, 2012

Land of Oz

 Minnesota and Wisconsin have the most beautiful country bike trails, but this summer we are staying close to home. Discovering the many bike trails around the Twin Cities. Last weekend it was  the West Parkway starting by the Broadway bridge to just short of Minnehaha Falls which runs along the Mississppi river through the edge of downtown Minneapolis. From our starting point it looks like our destination is the Emerald City.
The trail is a gentle down hill , which of course mean a gentle uphill climb coming back. With road bikes no problem, but it is more of a challenge with our cross trail bikes designed for country limestone trails. Not complaining, just saying:)
If you are a photographer this trail is a paradise for city and architectural shots, I am posting some of my shots here taken with my quick draw digital (canon power shot), I can actually bike and shoot at the same time! I hope you will enjoy.

A nice park along the trail with a logging theme
A sand  barge on  Mississippi with University of MN campus on top of the hill
A shot of the bike trail which runs along the east bank of the Mississippi
The Weisman Art Museum at the U of MN
What a juxtaposition of new and old, The Guthrie Theater next to some of the oldest buildings in Mpls. Gold Medal Flour mill
The Scaffolding to Heaven

Storm Drain to Hell
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