Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pomegranate Tea and Coffee

Several months ago I found this Old Chinese book and thought it would make a great back ground for making art. I started with experimenting with tea and coffee stains, then let each piece develop to see what it would become. Picking it up every now and then when it moved me, working on it till I felt it was done. The plastic frames I bought at a garage sale 10 cents a piece, I thought they would come in handy as quick frames  that could be changed up easily at a whim. From left to right 'Space', 'Bittersweet', 'Captured Heart' and 'Harvest Moon'.
pomegranate Tea (makes the page smell good too), water color, ink, and beeswax

coffee, vintage place mat ,ink, graphite, cotton, magazine image

pomegranate tea, bush tea

walnut ink, watercolors, graphite, photo image


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