Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wayzata to St. Bonifacious

 The first weekend in July we took a short bike ride from Wayzata to St. Bonifacius. It was a pleasant ride through a beautiful Suburban area.  There were lakes on every side of us, which were seen mostly as glimpses between  the yards of some very big beautiful houses with gorgeous gardens. Occasionally we crossed over the lakes or in that area you could call them boat highways. For a short jaunt just before St Bonifacius you could almost imagine being out in the rural countryside. St Bonifacius is a cute town with many antique shops(that were closed on a Saturday?) and a very cute Library.

One of many stop signs on the trail which goes right through the residential area crossing many driveways and looking over the parklike  front& backyards of the Wayzata community
the boat highway...continuous traffic...hmmmm
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