Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Color Purple

Last week I made grape jam ( soooo good, thanks Julie for the know how).
So while straining the boiled grapes (oh heavenly smell) to get the seeds out, I witnessed the most beautiful color of purple stain everything it hands, the spoon , the counter..etc. Instinctively I ran to get paper, this will make great art! I grabbed a variety, the last of my Chinese book (boo woo), index pages from the Map book and watercolor paper. With the help of  new inks (thanks Kami & Ramtin for the gift card:-), I created some fun stuff. Have a look.

Bubbles of Delight

Plain City
This one is still being created.

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  1. You are amazingly creative! Love this. You get art and jam. Bravo!

  2. Beautiful! great to combine the joy colour and smell of jam making with some stain triggered art.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful comments!


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