Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Loving wine & mustard, 'Autumn Song I'

 I can't seem to get enough of this color combination!

 An exquisite embroidery by my sister and a lovely pastel by Julie Johnston. You can see more of Julie's work here and here.

Homayoon brought home these baby eggplants for me, isn't the color magnificent!
Vintage crocheted hot pad, found at a nearby garage sale, wish they had more then one.

Here is the first encaustic painting from the Autumn Song Series. Encaustic means to 'burn in' I have done it with bees wax which gives it a misting look and smells beautifully while you are doing the fusing. Next to the painting is a cherished pottery pot my Dad made, filled with fragrant pin needles  collected on a walk in the woods. Autumn is definitely here!

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