Sunday, December 23, 2012

I've Started a Rust Farm!

this one will be available soon in the Etsy shop
Nature and the elements have always had a very special place in my me it is God's art and I am always looking for it, just as I am always breathing. What attracts me to rust is that element that quietly sneaks in and transforms , creating a beauty of it's own. 

On one of our biking trips, we found some old rusty screws which brought me back to our days in Africa. We ran an antique shop there ( there we called it a collectables shop, sense you didn't say" antique" unless it was over a 100 years old, here the term is used more liberally). Behind the antique shop was our workshop, where the oak and oregon pine furniture was restored. I loved the rusty bits and pieces that naturally collect there and often ended up in the shop for sale. 
rusty keys I brought back from Africa

Needless to say we brought home the rusty screws that day and I've had them in a jar until recently. 

Eager to try an encaustic technique I pulled the screws out of the jar and started making rust prints and haven't stop yet. I believe I have started a rust farm :-)

Rust prints waiting to be worked on!

Below are some of the finished encaustic pieces , they are available in my Etsy shop!




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