Thursday, March 14, 2013

4 New Canvases

While I was working on the BIG canvas which is still in progress, Riaz finished 4 more canvases! All 18x24" and beautiful.

Immediately I started to gesso the canvases so I could work on them. When I'm too tired to do art I am framing, photographing, doing an inventory, pricing, labeling and bubble wrapping pieces for the art show. I have one son doing my art website, business cards and booth sign and some framing, another making canvases and the third is handling money. I'm keeping everyone on their toes including Hubby who is the photographer and psychiatrist  when doubt sets in. Whoa this is a lot of work, but exciting:)

First of the four done! This will be at 'Art at Highland'

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  1. Your work is fabulous-not a doubt. Isn't amazing how much work it all is? So nice to have everyones help. Can't wait to see it all together!


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