Tuesday, April 2, 2013

African Soul

encaustic rust print with embroidery

African Soul is one of those pieces that naturally happened with out any effort. I felt more like the instrument through which it was created rather then the creator.  It started with a rust print, wait it actually started many months ago when I found a hat stand at the thrift store. I came home an dug out a hat I bought in Africa (many a ladies wore this type of hat on Sunday for church going.)
It has been on my bookshelf in the living room and I've been enjoying admiring the craftsmanship. When I learned I was to be the emerging artist for Art at Highland I started sketching and the design on this hat kept coming across the page. 
One of the many rust prints I did was just begging for the embroidery stitches to be put on it, and it became 'African Soul'

Now the name for the piece also came about effortlessly as though it was already named I just needed to become aware of it. I discovered the name when I looked at the photo of this piece on Iphoto, many of those speaking bubbles came up all over the picture of 'African Soul' asking me to name the people in the photo. I'm so happy my Mom bought the piece at the show, I know she also has a love for Africa that runs deep....and I'll be able to see the piece from time to time!

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