Saturday, June 15, 2013

Explorations: 13 Journeys in Oil and Cold Wax Medium

One of the beautiful stone buildings in Mineral Point
I had the privilege to go to Mineral Point and see what could be the first ever exhibition of cold wax. It was especially exciting for me because I also got to meet some of the artists including Rebecca Crowell who's blog I have been following for sometime.  

Mineral Point is a city listed on the  National Registered of Historical Places with some dwellings dating back to 1829.

The blacksmith's shop was being used to teach blacksmithing at the Shake Rag Alley, an art and craft school in Mineral Point. I was tempted to grab the rusty iron and run!

Brewery Pottery Studio

The Brewery Pottery Studio is hosting the "Explorations" show.  It is an old Brewery with a fresh spring running under it, now being used as a Pottery Studio and Gallery by the owners. I highly recommend a visit the pottery is will definitely want to own it. The art in the gallery is wonderful and kinda gallery! Just a sample of the Cold Wax pieces are below...the show runs through July 22.

James Edward Scherbarth

Renee Dankart

Cindy Walton
Also at the Gallery are some great pieces from an Encaustic Artist, Jeffery Hirst

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  1. What a great place. Can't wait to see what you come up with after this inspiring trip!


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