Saturday, July 20, 2013

Oil And Wax on Paper

A few week back I had the opportunity to meet Rebecca Crowell a painter who was teaching a Master Class on Oil and Wax  in Mineral Point WI. I wasn't able to get into the class, but Rebecca was so kind to invite me to pop in and see works in progress. I saw that they were working on paper. She later explained to me it was a paper suitable for oils. Well of course I had to get some and try it out! Here are some of the results.

It is lovely to work on and because it isn't as expense as canvas it is a great way to experiment. I tried two different kinds, one was a canvas paper an another a mixed media paper.  I liked both, the canvas has a texture which is like a stretched canvas and the mixed media paper is smooth. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Self Portrait Collage

The Artist. This portrait is framed with papers from work I've done over this past year.

It is important to me to change things up once in a while. I have been working with Oil and Wax intensely for a month or so now. These Self Portrait Collages were a good break to give my mind  and hands a different outlet of expression. 

The Dreamer

The Business Owner

Me in Africa