Thursday, August 29, 2013


I saw this photo on Apartment Therapy and feel in love, had to make it. I needed something to do at night that didn't require a lot of light.  I was also gonna go on a road trip…I could take this along and work on it as we drove. This was a prefect project. Just needed to make it a little bigger to fit the bed.
Sounded logical but then I had to buy all the colors since I recently gave away my yarn (anything that wasn't wool) supply. And had to figure out the pattern, which is a round inside a square. Once that was done I was off, happily crocheting….haven't done this for many, many years. 
I was about 50 squares in…road trip done, thrill of starting a new project over, when I asked myself "how many squares do I need to do? 192 ...really? What did I get myself into?

What I have so far.

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