Friday, November 29, 2013

Making Walnut Ink

All summer long I told my Dad I wanted to collect the walnuts once they fall from the tree to make walnut ink, some how I never got around to it. On our last day in Wisconsin my Dad surprised me with a bag of the now rotting walnuts he picked up under the tree. Thanks Dad:) I found instruction to make ink here...simple to the point, how I like it.

The pot of soaked walnuts ready to boil...Not sure how long I soaked them. I sort of forgot about them, must have been about a month.

 Testing the ink. 

 A messy process, don't wear white...but it all washed up, no permanent stains ,well except for the cloths.

Lots of lovely Walnut ink!!!!I got  4 full bottles (16 oz. each?) of ink from the walnuts pictured at the top of the post.

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