Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Few Things

I am in the final stage of unpacking where you start to hang things on the walls. You've gotten to know the place and are ready to commit to the permanency of the nail going in the wall.  The first one up was this isn't a "good" one technically. When I started it 10 years ago I didn't intend for the table to be animated, that happen along the way. I did try to paint the vase from every angle ( and attempt to understand cubism), but not sure I was successful. Obviously it is not for the skill of the painter that I hang the painting, but for the love of the story it tells. It simply makes me smile. 

When I am in a good mood it looks to me the table heard a good tune and began to dance, so infatuated with the music it forgets the  responsibility to support the objects above. It is a type of freedom one experiences in childhood. When I am in a' not so good' mood the table seems to be up and walking away despite it responsibility of the load it is carrying, rebellious and ready to make a change. Either way it makes me smile:)

Yeaah , I've started to put together my crochet granny square blanket! The pink and cream rug under the basket was woven by my Mom. And the mirror in the picture at the top was made by Homayoon.

The quilt is my latest vintage find. I found it at an estate sale. The woman said her mother made the quilt top but before she quilted it the top got stained. Then her church group said they could fix it....remove the damaged part and put it back together again and quilt it, if she would put it in a fundraiser. Not sure why it was still in her possession. Did it ever make it to the fundraiser or did she buy it back. It had never been used in perfect condition...I'm guessing it was meant for me!

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