Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hanging in the Attic

I have been working on collage, not sure where it is taking me but it feels right. I've always like putting things together to make a whole (quilting ,sewing, knitting crochet all have that element). When a piece has reached a certain point I like to take a look at it from a distance. Have it there for me to glance at while working on something else. Light bulbs of ideas will pop up at odd moments without effort....I guess I am letting my spirit work on it by having it in the space but not being my focus. Hanging them on this wire that runs through the attic studio works perfectly for this type of meditation.
 I was surprised at this group of work this past week, they are all so different even though I am using the same basic materials.


  1. Love your use of colors. My favorite is the piece that hangs the most right.

    1. Thank you, so nice to get feedback. The one on the right is my favorite too and probably the most complete.


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