Saturday, January 24, 2015

"It's A Long Story" /Part 2

When I decided to add textile to my show I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. So I started just by playing. Rusting many ,many pieces of fabric. No rules just any combination of rusty things I felt like at the moment. Over several months of printing I had an interesting collection and learned a lot about rust printing in the process. However still didn't know exactly what I was gonna do with them.

One hot summer day while driving we saw a garage sale sign, after debating should we check it out...we were feeling very lazy with the heat, we stopped. On the end of the driveway next to the free stuff was this typewriter. Not the most exciting one I've yearned for ,but it caught my eye. It wasn't old enough or rare enough it didn't work and frankly had a smell, but the spell had been casted and the owner know it. He told me the story, it belonged to his father who was a war correspondent, he used the typewriter for his work. The owner and his companion were jovial, talkative people, who were not gonna let me leave without the typewriter despite my protest and better judgement (what was I gonna do with this thing?)

It's a Long Story

Monday, January 19, 2015

Rust Printing on Cotton/ Part1

  There is something about fabric... the delicacy of the individual threads woven together to create a strong surface to imprint our dreams on, which I love to look at, feel, and create with. It is such an inseparable part of our lives in many ways.
 When putting together my "Reflections in Rust" show I felt it would be incomplete without some fabric pieces. I thought it would be interesting to post about creating those pieces here over the next couple of posts.

 I first did a  lot of rust printing. Some just playing, randomly placing rusty bits on the fabric or wrapping it in the fabric.  Others involved some planning. Below is a rusty Jackson Pollack style piece:)

Some pieces instantly shouted to be embroidered on.