Monday, January 19, 2015

Rust Printing on Cotton/ Part1

  There is something about fabric... the delicacy of the individual threads woven together to create a strong surface to imprint our dreams on, which I love to look at, feel, and create with. It is such an inseparable part of our lives in many ways.
 When putting together my "Reflections in Rust" show I felt it would be incomplete without some fabric pieces. I thought it would be interesting to post about creating those pieces here over the next couple of posts.

 I first did a  lot of rust printing. Some just playing, randomly placing rusty bits on the fabric or wrapping it in the fabric.  Others involved some planning. Below is a rusty Jackson Pollack style piece:)

Some pieces instantly shouted to be embroidered on.


  1. I LOVED the fabric pieces! Such a nice addition to your other stunning work!

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I appreciate your comments, thank you for taking the time.