Thursday, May 28, 2015

While the Foot Heals

I've had a lot of couch time while recovering from my sprained foot. During that time I"ve made a serious dent in the owl tapestry, and beginning to think it may be completed by winter! But even more exciting news, I was able to make it up the stairs to my beloved attic studio yesterday! As I surveyed my studio with joy my eyes fell on the abandon rust buckets, all dried out from lack of use. A moment of sadness swept over me "Has it really been that long since I worked up here?"

I was able to set up a working area with the foot propped up (I usually work standing up and moving around from station to station) and finish the lamp shade recovering job for my son. The shades are covered with a rust print (on fabric you can see it herefrom awhile back which has a random pattern he likes. 

Testing the shade out on a lamp in the studio

This is the mate shade, Adeeb wanted a roof on the shades to block more light, he is using LED lights that are really bright, but do not give off any heat. Hence the lid on top which is removable, should he change is mind or the bulb:)

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