Friday, August 21, 2015

Searching for Roy G Biv 4: Brown

Found this lovely book in a thrift store yesterday along with this fat brush.  The front pages are a lovely chocolate brownie marble mix !!! I love brown it is every where in my home in every shade. I took photos of some of my favorites.
sewing basket

Monkey Balls, they are seeds from a tree in Africa.  Crafts people crave beautiful designs into them and sell them as decorations. Basket is from Zululand, Natal South Africa. The black one is a walnut:)
A Beautiful potted bowl my son Baseem made!!

I Love Brown!!!!! To see more brown pop over to Julie B Booth or to Jennifer Coyne Quden for the  Searching for Roy G Biv 4: Brown blog hop list.


  1. Lovely browns! That book has me yearning to pick it up and turn the pages. The marbling looks textured as well. Are my eyes tricking me or it a very good marbling job? Thanks for joining in the search again. Enjoy!

  2. Lovely browns. I especially like your son's bowl and that beautiful sewing basket - such a pleasing shape.

  3. Great browns....your sewing basket is a treasure!

  4. The first picture of the marbling had me thinking it was pleated fabric. I love those carved seeds and your lovely woven sewing basket.


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