Monday, March 14, 2016

Vintage Finds

I bought the this hitch for the washers to use in my print making but really love the "ball"! I've gotta think of a way to use it....or maybe it will just look pretty.

 I instantly fell in love with the red capped bottles. I'd been looking for an old ink well to put my walnut ink in for the work table, and thought these would work even better. When I went to purchase them the owner insisted I buy the blue capped bottle which matched them and was hidden in the"back". It has since become my favorite and as you can see is the one housing the ink. The other two had seeds being saved in them so I decided their fate was already sealed.....I will try to grow the seeds though, to continue the story:)

Needles a necessity of life!

This rug scissor I found several years ago, but have been using it alot lately. It always brings me joy, such a beautifully made object. It is 14inches long and fits into my hand like a glove and is sharp!
Something I working on at the moment.

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