Monday, December 26, 2016

November, December

Minnesota Center Of Book Arts

November was all about Thanksgiving and booking making. With two shows installed , one finished and one hung in Oct. and all that leads up to that I was ready for a month of hooky. I focused my creative energy on hosting Thanksgiving and miniature book making with Lua. 

our gratitude tree

December was about knitting and birthdays (we have a lot of December birthdays in our family:)
I knitted Max a bear balaclava....not a good pic here, Max won't sit still long enough to get the hat on all the way. He also wanted a rainbow scraf, which I made from all my yarn scraps. My honey got fingerless gloves for his daily train ride  and a bandana cowl , which was fun for a day or two, then he request just a regular cowl.


For me , I'm working on a delicate pink scarf

The cowls and scarf patterns I found on Purl Soho.

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