Friday, May 12, 2017

So Many Ways to Dye

Part of my project is adding color to my rust work with natural dyes. I have tried many, loved some and not others. Mixing it with rust always darkens the color.

One of my favorite dye is Tea, this is done with white Tea which gives lovely mysterious grays.

cabbage stripes

Cabbages is one of the dyes I decided to eliminate....too pastel for the work I am doing.

bleach pen
I will most probably use a bleach pen or some decolorant for highlights! Yes!

This piece was done with beetroot....where every you see white was where the beetroot juice worked as a resist cool. I wish I had endless time to experiment and do more, but I have a deadline so I have to pick and choose what to work with. Decisions, decisions, oh my!

Paper Making at MCBA

I took sometime to take a paper making class at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts! Loved every minute! Because my mind is in a pattern thinking mode working on the Jerome Textile project I decide to make grids in the paper with rusted string.

 Paper making is very similar to working with fabric, it is very tactile . The tactile adventure starts from the beginning, dunking your frame into the vat of floating cloud of cotton.  Lifting the delicate sheet off the felt to dry, is another tactile experience. And  the finished piece a crispy, feather light, thin sheet, what a delight, I love it!

 I have made my own paper before on a small scale with recycled paper. It was a treat for me to do it with natural fiber, cotton, linen and shredded DEMIN! The MCBA studio is incredible and such a joy to work in...definitely have to do it again.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Black Bean and Rosemary

Black bean dyed, just unwrapped, before a wash and dry.

  So I gave Black Bean a try, using a old cotton table cloth. It came out a lovely color , but the color faded a lot when it was washed and dried. I did soak the tablecloth in vinegar but obviously I should have mordant the fabric. Darn. Lesson learned.

 Homayoon came home with a bunch of fresh rosemary ! Of course I had to try to make dye. I cooked the rosemary an hour on simmer, then let it sit an hour, then added the mordant cotton and repeated the process. It came out a very light green...can you see it in the picture below? I put it on top a white cloth hoping you could see the green more by comparison. Oh Well.

Now to try it with the rust..... for a later post:)

Friday, April 14, 2017

Where Has The Time Gone? Have I used that title before?

I promise I have been working even though I haven't posted.  My process does take a lot of time, making the materials to work with is a step I can't do without, it is what inspires the final piece. I would rather call it play since the more I have fun with the process and experimentation  the more the creativity comes out. Always at some point I say to myself you have to narrow it done, there are too many possibilities! In the next couple of posts I will share some results and choices I have made, what to keep working with,  what to give up.Turmeric is definitely staying.

The color is a pleasure to work with, so rich and luscious. Here I've used a thick paste to paint it directly on to the clothe.

                                      Turmeric mixed with rust give a dark, dark brown

Fabric dyed in turmeric then partially rusted.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Jerome Fiber Artist Project Grant

Rose petal dye and rust on mulberry paper.
 I am not sure where to begin, except that I am very excited to be one of the recipients of the Textile Centers, Jerome Fiber Artist Project Grant  for 2017! Many emotions have been swirling through me. First pure excitement, then a bit of trepidation.....then excitement, overwhelm....excitement! This roller coaster I am sure will continue as I move forward. It is an artist dream to have a license to create without constraint, so most of all I am grateful!

My adventure begins with experimenting with natural dyes, rust and a variety of fibers. I will be blogging along the way and hope that you will enjoy following along.

I began working in the dead of winter, all was frozen in my attic studio to my chagrin, (what a way to start), so the kitchen became my new studio. 

frozen attic studio

 I love the pattern the frozen nail heads make on the horizontal slate of wood roofing.

Rose Petal Dye, what a pleasure not only is it beautiful but it smells wonderful.

stains on the stove

Rose petal dye and rust.

 And so the adventure begins....................! Thank you Jerome Foundation and The Textile Center!!