Friday, April 28, 2017

Black Bean and Rosemary

Black bean dyed, just unwrapped, before a wash and dry.

  So I gave Black Bean a try, using a old cotton table cloth. It came out a lovely color , but the color faded a lot when it was washed and dried. I did soak the tablecloth in vinegar but obviously I should have mordant the fabric. Darn. Lesson learned.

 Homayoon came home with a bunch of fresh rosemary ! Of course I had to try to make dye. I cooked the rosemary an hour on simmer, then let it sit an hour, then added the mordant cotton and repeated the process. It came out a very light green...can you see it in the picture below? I put it on top a white cloth hoping you could see the green more by comparison. Oh Well.

Now to try it with the rust..... for a later post:)

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