Friday, April 14, 2017

Where Has The Time Gone? Have I used that title before?

I promise I have been working even though I haven't posted.  My process does take a lot of time, making the materials to work with is a step I can't do without, it is what inspires the final piece. I would rather call it play since the more I have fun with the process and experimentation  the more the creativity comes out. Always at some point I say to myself you have to narrow it done, there are too many possibilities! In the next couple of posts I will share some results and choices I have made, what to keep working with,  what to give up.Turmeric is definitely staying.

The color is a pleasure to work with, so rich and luscious. Here I've used a thick paste to paint it directly on to the clothe.

                                      Turmeric mixed with rust give a dark, dark brown

Fabric dyed in turmeric then partially rusted.

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