Friday, May 12, 2017

So Many Ways to Dye

Part of my project is adding color to my rust work with natural dyes. I have tried many, loved some and not others. Mixing it with rust always darkens the color.

One of my favorite dye is Tea, this is done with white Tea which gives lovely mysterious grays.

cabbage stripes

Cabbages is one of the dyes I decided to eliminate....too pastel for the work I am doing.

bleach pen
I will most probably use a bleach pen or some decolorant for highlights! Yes!

This piece was done with beetroot....where every you see white was where the beetroot juice worked as a resist cool. I wish I had endless time to experiment and do more, but I have a deadline so I have to pick and choose what to work with. Decisions, decisions, oh my!

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