Saturday, March 17, 2018

Bookshelf Quilt

 I have the best daughter-in-law every! She is a writer ,inspiring to write a novel around being a awesome person with a lot of good community work and raising 3 wonderful children. For her birthday I made this bookshelf quilt. It looks deceivingly simple, however it was a challenge. Good thing I like challenges! Actually it was  great fun for someone who loves fabric as I do. So many fabrics to play with! 

Lua came with me to pick out fabrics which was a joy!  She spotted a fabric with newspaper print on it which work well for the books laying with insides showing. This was the most difficult part for me to sew but I love the illusion.
I used some left over fabric for the backing.

Libby beautifully hung the quilt in her office. I think it looks smashing!

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